The My PT Education Mentoring Program by The Physio Detective:

The goal of this program is to help health professionals clarify their thinking and challenge traditional, long-held beliefs about the body, health and exercise through a mix of self-directed learning, questions and guided tasks.

This mentoring is for anyone but there are 2 programs – one for health professionals and one for coaches/trainers/athletes/the public.

The program that will be developed for you will be based on your goals, a self-assessment and ultimately what you want to get from this program.

The time expectation is up to you. I suggest 30mins per week as a minimum. The more you put into it, the more you will get out of it. The rate you progress is dependent on how quickly you complete the work assigned.

The price of the program is purely based on the time-intensive nature of the program – writing emails, replies, developing the program, group discussions etc.

The Topics:

+ Developing a clinical framework that works for you
+ Anatomy and Biomechanics – how to think holistically about how the body works
+ Assessment and Diagnosis of different body regions and injuries (the focus will be different depending on if you are a health practitioner or not)
+ Assessment of movement and the ability to apply to any sport or activity
+ Clinical Reasoning – How to decide what the next step should be
+ Manual Therapy Techniques – how to get the body to change
+ Posture and positions – learning what “ideal” is and being able to translate that into any task
+ Cueing – The art of using words to create action
+ Movement Technique – teaching people how to move and hold positions both in everyday life and during exercise/activities
+ Prescribing Exercise – Using exercise, stretches, aids and appliances to assist you and your clients – this includes corrective exercises and scaling options for general and specific conditions
+ Other topics that come up through discussion and the organic evolution of this program!


The Levels Of Membership:

Free Content:

  • Free section of the forum (in production) to post questions and have people contribute to the discussion
  • will have free content and discussions
  • Instagram and Twitter (@physiodetective and @mypteducation) will have free content and discussions


Level 1 – Content Only – $66/month

  • Tasks are assigned to the participants at their own level and pace.
  • The tasks should take no more than about an hour to complete but if you go down the rabbit-hole, it can be hours – it is up to you…the more you put in the more you get out of it.
  • You will have access to the videos also produced with Simone (a mentoring client) which will help in considering your answers.
  • The task is completed and sent back to me for review
  • I will decide if more information is needed or the next task is sent through
  • This continues until you decide to stop or I run out of content…given that I have a bachelor’s and master’s degree in physiotherapy and have spent over $100k on my post-graduate education, it is unlikely to end quickly!
  • If you wish to come to observe me work, you get a higher priority over people who are not part of the program.
  • One-on-one time in person or Skype can be booked at a 20% discount (usually $180/hr)


Level 2 – Content + Time – $275/month

  • You get all the same content as Level 1 including a minimum set amount of work to cover in a month for group discussions.
  • Monthly group Google+ Hangout session to discuss the work covered and answer questions in the group…and then discuss the challenge of integrating that into practice
  • Pointed feedback on tasks set
  • Priority over Level 1 participants to observe me working
  • One-on-one time in person or Skype can be booked at a 20% discount (usually $180/hr)
  • Opportunity to sit an interview and exam to be eligible to be a part of which will be a site promoting like-minded physios and other health professionals. You can contribute articles, videos, photos etc to the website to improve your professional visibility and promote your expertise.


Try For Free Options:

Option 1:

  • I will rely on your honesty to complete this process.
  • You completely fill out the self assessment I send out
  • You post on social media that you are trying this mentoring program for free and tag My PT Education and The Physio Detective pages on Facebook (@physiodetective and @mypteducation on Instagram and twitter)
  • I send you out the first task for personal development (developing a framework) and a body region set of questions based on the self assessment (approximately 2hrs worth of work)
  • You complete the task and you send the work back including what you thought of it.
  • I send you back what level 1 and some level 2 feedback will be
  • You send the work back including an honest review and feedback that I may put up on the site.
  • I will send back more work when you sign up.***this is a limited offer because I do not have the time to so free work for everyone! I truly believe that this initial experience will show you the value of the program. It will also show you the time commitment involved in becoming a better practitioner, coach, athlete, person. ****

Option 2:

  • You sign up and pay for whatever level
  • You can get your 100% of your money back before I send you the next lot of work after the first task (task 2)
  • You can get 50% of your money back before I send you the next lot of work after task 2.

If you are interested in joining the mentoring program, please indicate your interest below.


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