Flat Butt / Glutes? Start To Work It With Ideal Posture

IMG_8401Do you want a bit of “junk in the trunk”? A bit more booty? Are you quad dominant and struggle to “activate” your glutes and hamstrings? Have you tried “bridges”, “clams”, lunges, squats, step-ups and all other “butt building” exercises…all to no avail?

This video I made with Lisa Petersen from Key To Life Health and Fitness will show you how to get some shape into your glutes without tilting your pelvis or sticking your bottom out.
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Strict Pull Ups – Get It Right to Help “Bulletproof” Your Shoulders

Every time I see a Crossfitter with a shoulder problem, I have to go over this exercise and make sure it is right.

Most non-traumatic (no specific incident) shoulder injuries/pain/weakness that I have seen in CrossFitters and other athletes come from an inability to maintain control of the glenohumeral (shoulder) joint. Most people try to strengthen their shoulders…but they forget what the shoulders sit on – the Thorax, Low back and Pelvis! Strict press, Strict push ups and Strict pull ups, etc are excellent exercises to develop the strength and control needed to protect your shoulders through learning the stability, control and dissociation needed throughout your body.

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5 Tips On How To Improve Your Overhead Squats

IMG_9311Overhead squats (OHS) are a difficult movement. They seem so simple – simply keep your arms and weight above your head while you squat…but they challenge the motor control systems of the body in the best possible way…which is why I love them as an assessment and as a movement.

They may or may not appear in the CrossFit Open as they haven’t been in since 2011 – they are a challenging movement for people to complete…they usually show up at Regionals and The Games.

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How I broke through my front squat plateau…and got a 12% increase in 2 months

Antony Lo's Front Squat - much improved form over the last 2 months

Antony Lo’s Front Squat – much improved form over the last 2 months – there is a prowler next to me in the picture!

Those of you who know me or have read this blog long enough will know that I am a stickler for technique. I love getting the “mechanics, consistency, intensity” right. I love improving people’s mobility, flexibility, stability, strength, power/speed, etc etc. Being the human that I am, sometimes I find it hard to take my own medicine. Please remember that in the Crossfit world, I am just your average (or below average) CrossFitter who will never make it to Regionals or the Games nor ever grace the podium at a local comp. If I ever compete, it will be fun or charity only. But I do have a desire to get better. I do want to improve…and I HATE plateaus in my strength.

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Thoughts from the CrossFit Base – Bulletproof Your Shoulders Seminar

A big thank you to Kylie Lindbeck for hosting another seminar at CrossFit Base.

This seminar was on the shoulders and how to mobilise, stretch, stabilize and strengthen the shoulder. We had a small but fun group and got to investigate how to use your shoulders properly with any exercise you have to do.

The 4 key principles for “bulletproof” shoulders simple enough…

  • Whole-Body Posture
  • Set the scapula to point the socket to the load
  • Centre the humeral head
  • Dissociate the humerus from the scapula

…but it is surprising that these principles are not utilized by the participant’s therapists.

The key reason why you should come to the seminars is to see and feel how these principles are put into practice…the magic happens when you find the way into system and make big changes. How do I know it works? Results…plain and simple.

Thank you again Kylie. You have a great CrossFit Box with a friendly atmosphere. Watching you coach was a pleasure and your humbleness is inspiring. If you are in Canberra visiting or want to try CrossFit, you have to put CrossFit Base on your “to try” list 🙂

How To Start Doing Pull-Ups For Beginners – Part 2 (with Video Demonstration)

Beginners wanting to do Pull-Ups in Crossfit are at the greatest risk of injury, particularly if they are not strong. This blog post picks up on the same ideas and progresses it further. If you have started Part 1, you may be able to do Part 2 already…they are very similar exercises. Ask your coach or health profressional if you can do Part 2 because good technique is the key. Be patient and the results will come with minimal injury risks!

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How To Start Doing Pull-Ups For Beginners – Part 1 (with Video Demonstration)

Many people struggle to do pull-ups. They don’t often take the time to develop the strict strength necesssary. In CrossFit, many people start using bands and then progress from those to kipping pullups. This blog post is the first of a series on how to progress safely to kipping pull-ups and beyond.

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