The ITB – 5 things you probably haven’t thought about doing to help it

Iliotibial-Band-Friction-SyndromeConsider this patient: Sarah* is a 38yo female runner training for a half-marathon “fun run” develops pain over the outside of the knee. It hurts to stand up and sit down, especially after being in one position for a long time. Once she warms up, it doesn’t hurt so much during the run but it will ache later. She has iced the knee, rolls on it with a foam roller, gets massage/ART on it, and does some banded sideways walking, clams and hip abduction strengthening exercises. She has a massage ball and dutifully attacks the overactive hip flexors and TFL muscles…but she isn’t getting anywhere. She still basically has pain and it is getting worse and she can’t up the miles as per her running program. She has seen another physio, a chiro, massage therapists and had some acupuncture. She drinks plenty of water and has her nutrition dialed in nicely. She has been given the diagnosis of ITBFS – Ilio-Tibial Band Friction Syndrome…Sound familiar?

In this blog post, I want to give you 5 things to think about that may just make the difference between getting better and not.

(*”Sarah” is not her real name)

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How Deep Should I Squat – To 90 degrees For Safety? [Rant Warning!]

quarter squatOK, I don’t often rant online…but I have to on this one. The pictures/memes I have posted should give you an idea of where I sit on this topic – to squat to 90deg or lower?

Too many patients get told not to squat past 90 degrees knee bend. This is supposedly to save their knees from the horrors of arthritis and strengthen their knees…

…OH…MY…LORD…Spare me!





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5 Tips On How To Improve Your Overhead Squats

IMG_9311Overhead squats (OHS) are a difficult movement. They seem so simple – simply keep your arms and weight above your head while you squat…but they challenge the motor control systems of the body in the best possible way…which is why I love them as an assessment and as a movement.

They may or may not appear in the CrossFit Open as they haven’t been in since 2011 – they are a challenging movement for people to complete…they usually show up at Regionals and The Games.

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Cure for Patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFPS) and ITB Friction Syndrome (ITBFS)


You see a motivational picture. I see a girl who potentially has PFPS or ITBFS. She has a left hip control problem!

This post is because I am sick of all the wasted time I see in gyms where people roll out for hours each week and not get better. This post is for all those knee myths out there that hurt my brain.

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A Common Complaint I See – Neck, Shoulder and Chest Pains – Related or 3 Different Problems?

I receive messages basically every day from people by locally and from afar asking for advice. I do my best to help everyone I come across but I thought I would answer this one in a blog post…well, because James suggested I could! Thank you James 🙂

Read on after the break to see what he wrote to me and what my suggestions were…

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Single Leg Squat / Pistols – Why bother? Because they are AWESOME for you!!

Jason Haywood shows us how a Single leg squat / Pistol is done

Jason Haywood from Crossfit BodyM doing a Pistol at CFX

The humble single leg squat. Feared and revered. Done by so many people around the world as a test of strength and a strength exercise. I have been teaching my patients variations of this for years – it is such a good exercise…but it isn’t for everyone.

The aims of this blog post are to:

1. Highlight the benefits of doing a single leg squat (but referred to as pistols from here on in)

2. Common pitfalls in doing this exercise

3. Safe progressions you can use so you can pistol with the best of them!

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Squatting – An Essential Movement for Life – Can You Do It Right?

Squats – you used to do it right…what about now?

As soon as babies can stand, they start to learn how to squat. I remember my kids standing and then squatting so they don’t topple over. Babies have fantastic flexibility and their brain is eager to learn new motor patterns…where did it all go wrong for most people?

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How to Ruin a Champion’s Knees – Why Brandon Roy needed good rehab!

This post is thanks to Derek Tan – a physiotherapist who used to work for me and now has his own private practice. He shared with me some stuff he found on Brandon Roy. You can find Derek at Tan Hands Physiotherapy – Shop 218-219, Level 1 (Inside Medical Centre), Carlingford Court, CARLINGFORD, NSW, Australia 2118. Phone: +61 2 9872 8155.


Brandon Roy – An All Star whose career got cut down too early!

You can read about Brandon Roy here but from what Derek tells me, he was one of the best shooting guards in the last decade with the Portland Trail Blazers NBA Basketball team. He was an All-Star and co-captain of his team. He was getting paid $13-14 Million for the 2010/11 season. But he suffered from knee injuries… here is a list of what I can tell he has had to do with his knees, not including the other hamstring and ankle issues…

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