Hip Mobility / Flexibility / Stability Drills 10 – Child’s Pose Complex – Level 2

Level 1 is on your knees.

Level 2 is on your toes…the whole time!

Thanks to Rom Riad from Live Active Personal Training for modelling.


About Antony Lo
Antony Lo is an APA Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist based in Sydney. His website is www.MyPhysios.com.au. He specializes in the management, treatment and prevention of pain and dysfunction, particularly of the pelvis and ribcage. His sub-specialties include Crossfit and Exercise Performance Optimization, Ante-Natal and Post-Natal Care and difficult cases that have failed treatment elsewhere.

3 Responses to Hip Mobility / Flexibility / Stability Drills 10 – Child’s Pose Complex – Level 2

  1. Jordan says:

    Great video. I always love how good and stretched I feel after this pose. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Andy says:

    Been enjoying the series on hip mobility, I have just one quick question if I may…what is the significance of the Palm inversion and raise in the child pose series? It is muchore challenging than I thought it would be, I would like to understand what stretch that is initiating? Thank you and keep the posts coming!! Andy. Lincoln, U.K.


    • Antony Lo says:

      Hi Andy. Thanks for your comment.

      Palm inversion? Do you mean the first movement which is shoulder external rotation and supination?

      The whole movement series is designed to work the anterior muscles. You can just raise your arm palm down as well but palm up adds a different rotation which may be a neural restriction or just a different muscular position causing restriction.


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