“Bulletproof” Your “Core” – Sydney – Feb 21-22, 2015

Sydney Core CourseApologies for this late organization – I had 1.5 weeks of medical issues to deal with.

So, here it is!! There are limited places so please click here to BOOK NOW! It will be held at CrossFit Creature in Marrickville – 1030-1730hrs Sat and Sun 21-22, 2015

I will be providing a 2 day course on “The Core” – I hope to be able to take what we know from research, what we know from practical experience and explain how to retrain each component of “The Core” so you can provide yourself and your clients the strongest base from which you can build strength, power and speed.

I will also be teaching a staged retraining model so you can help clients who have back pain all the way through to high level athletes.

The total cost of this course is usually $660 but for this one time only in Sydney, I am offering it at $50. I don’t want cost to be an issue and I want this information to be able to get out there.

We will be filming and photographing extensively during the course.

Over 2 days, we will cover the following:

1. Theory – Know what the research says
2. Myths – Find out if what you believe is actually true
3. Practice – Learn how to isolate, co-contract and integrate the “Core” into your every day training
4. Rehab – Be equipped to help others train their “Core” properly as well and develop better relationships with other health professionals due to your advanced knowledge

About Antony Lo
Antony Lo is an APA Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist based in Sydney. His website is www.MyPhysios.com.au. He specializes in the management, treatment and prevention of pain and dysfunction, particularly of the pelvis and ribcage. His sub-specialties include Crossfit and Exercise Performance Optimization, Ante-Natal and Post-Natal Care and difficult cases that have failed treatment elsewhere.

9 Responses to “Bulletproof” Your “Core” – Sydney – Feb 21-22, 2015

  1. Victoria Moussa says:

    Hi Antony,

    Hope you are feeling alot better now. Just wondering is it possible to do just the sunday of the workshop as I work on saturdays or will I miss out on toooooo much?

    Kind Regards,

    Victoria Moussa ( the Victoria you gave a program to at Annette Kellerman gym)


    • Antony Lo says:

      Hi Victoria – how can I forget you!?

      Yes, you will miss too much 😦 the heavy, theoretical information is more on the first day than the second.

      I hope to have this course available online soon into the future.


  2. Brad Hill says:

    Hi Antony, is the material suitable for information-hungry clinicians without a working knowledge of Cross-fit?


  3. Melania McLaughlin says:

    Hi, thanks for the info. I live in Geneva, Switzerland, and was wondering whether you were planning on offering this course as a webinar later.

    Many thanks.


  4. Pat Carr says:

    Hi Antony,
    Where abouts in Sydney will this be held?


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